Climate talks

We have decided to trial our planned climate and environment talks on line.  

Our series of online talks continues to be brilliant and successfully broadcast.  See below for details of how to access our next talk and for recordings of our past talks.

With BlackLivesMatter and the Covid pandemic at the forefront of people's minds right now, we continue to put pressure on those in power, to ensure the world we create moving forward, puts people and planet over profits and prejudice.  We hope that, by holding these talks, we can engage more people in this conversation, consolidate support from individuals and groups, amplify that message and maximise pressure on those most able to make changes

watch the climate change talks.

Zero Waste Communities

The mind-blowing truth about food

Thanks to the following organisations for agreeing to support these talks - 

Chiltern Peace and Justice group, Chiltern Society, Sustainable Chesham, Chesham for Fairtrade group, Friends of Lowndes Park, Stop HS2, Chesham and District Natural History Society, Chesham in Bloom, The Green Party


Hopefully you'll be able to watch the livestreams here. Just figureing it out!