XR Chesham is a volunteer-based group where volunteering and an exchange economy are at the heart of the way XR operates. All financial dealings are transparent including donations, fund raising and managing & expenditure of funds. All volunteers are treated fairly & consistently, costs are kept to a minimum, and donor confidence is maintained.


Expenses can ONLY be incurred or claimed on behalf of XR Chesham if prior approval has been obtained from the XR Chesham  Finance group BEFORE any expenditure is made & it meets the Five Step Check criteria as per Finance Policy & Procedures document . An Expenditure Claim Form must be completed for any approved claim after purchase and a relevant invoice or receipt must be provided with the claim form.


A record is kept of all individual donations and fundraising incomes. All donations/contributions should be directed to the Financial Co-ordinator and not retained by any volunteer.

Please contact the Finance Co-ordinator (Fiona Harding @ 26 May 2020) regen@xrchesham.co.uk for all XR Chesham finance donations, claims and queries.

All policies and forms can be found below

Finance policy and procedures 6th August 2020
whos boat? our boat!
Expenditure claim form 13May2020
whos boat? our boat!