Xr Lobbying

The lobbying and advocacy group are working to encourage local government, industry, business and other organisations to make transformative changes in order to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions, halt biodiversity loss, mitigate the impacts of the climate and ecological crisis and adapt to predicted climate change impacts as necessary.  This might involve meeting councillors, speaking to business owners, attending meetings, writing letters or articles, supporting a stall locally or working with young people amongst other things.  We are also keen to support those already in action and raise awareness of the crisis and solutions already being implemented.

On 25th June 2020 the Climate Change Coalition will deliver its progress report to the Government saying how they are failing in their commitments to achieve net zero emissions and keep people safe. We demand our MP’s force the government to take immediate preventative action to avoid climate collapse by implementing Covid recovery plan that achieves zero carbon by 2025.

This week (w/c 22nd June) send a letter to your local MP telling them, lessons need to be learned from Covid, let’s ensure we don’t make the same mistakes for the climate.

You have a choice of two letter templates or you can write your own: 
This one has been drafted by central XR: 

2. This one adapts the one above to include scientific references and seeks to engage our more conservative constituency in this conversation. 

TBC - This will come w/c 22nd June

Template letter

Template letter

This template letter can be adapted and sent to your Town and Unitary Authority candidates to ask how they propose to tackle the climate and ecological emergency locally, if they are elected. Please click the image to download.