Regeneration and Wellbeing Group

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As we face the effects and implications of the climate crisis, we are confronting the possibility of a lost future for all future generations. The impacts of climate change, being members of XR and our activism can have long-lasting and wide-reaching effects on all of us. There are social implications with court cases, family or workplace issues to consider. Emotionally, we may feel isolated, alienated, estranged, filled with self-doubt, powerlessness, fear and feelings of loss.
Extinction Rebellion promotes a regenerative* (*also known as regen) culture to help deal with issues such as grief, heartbreak, pre- & post action, stress, conflict, resilience and burn out.
As members of XR Chesham start being involved in local and national action, we too are encountering challenging situations with the public, police and each other, as well as experiencing strong feelings about the climate crises and what it means for us and the planet.

The XR Chesham Regeneration and Wellbeing Group

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The XR Chesham Regeneration and Wellbeing Group exists to generate support and hope for all people involved with confronting the climate crisis. We aim to support peoples’ inner resources and resilience by:

·           Creating safe spaces to listen, learn and debrief
·           Expanding circles of support and create buddy systems
·           Connecting with each other & ourselves with gratitude.  

Please note that we do not offer therapy but will always try to point you in the right direction if you require more support.

Our group meets regularly at each other’s houses. Please see below for activities we are involved in and please get in contact if you have any questions regarding wellbeing or would like to join our group 

XR Chesham Regeneration & Wellbeing Group Agreement 

XR Chesham Regeneration & Wellbeing Group meeting format

XR Chesham Sharing Circle

The Sharing Circle is an opportunity for people to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences within a supportive, non-judgemental environment.
At each meeting, a short introduction will be made to explain what we will be doing, followed by approximately one hour that will be divided equally between the number of people present, to talk if they wish.
It is a simple, yet effective, way to help release and integrate emotions and experiences.
We aim to meet monthly and anyone will be welcomed.  

Please click here to download a document for more info about the structure of the meetings.

XR Chesham Buddy Support
If you would like to know more about the buddy support system, please click here or speak to a member of the Wellbeing and Regeneration group at XR Chesham.


Please click here to email the Regen team
 Roundhouse/respite rooms/therapies/online regen links/other regen groups links/ [links tba]

Planned Regen events

13.2.20 XR Chesham group meeting Downstairs Lecture room, White Hill Centre, booked for 7.30 - 9pm, donations towards room hire appreciated please

Sharing Circle (Regen):
Where: Tiered room, White Hill Centre,
When: First Thursday of each month


Refreshments from 7pm, prompt 7.30pm start ( sadly no admission after 7.30pm), end between 8.30 - 9pm (depending on numbers) social time till 9.30pm
Cost: Minimum £2 donation towards room hire appreciated please. All welcome 😊

Please see XR Chesham web site Regen page for more details about Sharing Circles

Regen walks/activities tba , dates to put in your diaries:

Sat 15.2.20 10-1pm social/walk
Sat 4.4.20 10-1pm social/walk
Sat 6.6.20 10-1pm social/walk

Please see XR Chesham website Regen page for more details. All welcome 😊